Whole herd tested negative for CAE, CL and Johnes for 2012.
Please click here for a link to Pleoine's pedigree, appraisal and DHIR information.
Pleoine was the first doe I purchased from Ain-Ash-Shams to start my herd. She is out of Susanne's beloved Beltane who appraised in 2010 VVEV88. Her sire also appraised in 2009 EEE91 and made the elite list.
Her SS: Sand-Bur-Kids SC Grizzly, was a Spotlight Sale buck, whose dam was 2005 Res.Nat.Champion/Best Udder, E92-EEEE.

Pleoine shows alot of dairyness with a beautiful head and wonderful legs and feet. Her udder capacity has really increased this year. She has been averaging 11 pounds daily.
Of course, she has that wonderful pedigree behind her with many of the Saada goats that have strong appraisals, proven champions and of course lots of milk. All of the things I am looking for in a herd.

This year Pleoine kidded with three beautiful doelings. I had bred her to Alize the Way Forward *B and couldn't be happier with what they are producing. I feel this is a winning combination and plan on a repeat breeding Fall of 2012.
Keep an eye out for Patch of Pines Egyptian Nebit and Patch of Pines Nefretiti at the shows! Nefretiti has taken a first in one of her junior classes! We are now represented in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan!!!

All does are reserved for 2013, Buck reservations available.
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