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About ten years ago I had my first encounter with dairy goats. I was more interested in the milk to provide for my family. My first goat was a Alpine named Judy. She was very forgiving of my mistakes, and started me on this wonderful journey.
I have always loved the Nubian breed for their wonderful character and uniqueness. So, I made the decision to switch to an all Nubian herd that was registered with the ADGA.

I am so thankful to the two breeders that started me with my herd: Ain-Ash-Shams and Calico Tree Farms.

My goal with my herd is to continue to improve towards the breed standard that will give me a goat that will prove themselves in the show ring and give plenty of milk.

I use linear appraisal, DHIR and attend sanctioned shows. I feel all three of these things are the best indicator of how I am doing as a breeder.

Kim Rabinette

Millington, Michigan

(989) 274-5115
Purebred Nubian Dairy Goats