Welcome, please read below prior to purchasing. Click on this link to see my Facebook farm page.
Kim Rabinette

Millington, Michigan

(989) 274-5115
Purebred Nubian Dairy Goats

As a breeder, I have the right to retain any stock for my herd.
 I will take reservations at a first come basis. Please select a first and second choice. I DO NOT accept cash deposits until the kid of your choosing is born. I will create a list, and I only accept 1 reservation of each sex to hopefully meet the need without disappointment. Of course, I cannot guarantee that the sex of your choice will happen.
People that reserve in advance will always have a lower cost to purchase. Once kids are born that price will increase with age.
 All of my kids are bottle fed with heat treated colstrum and pasteurized milk. They receive their CD&T, wormings and will be disbudded prior to going to their new home.
 Kids will be ready for their new home around 3-4 weeks, so plan on bottle feeding your new baby.
 Kids will be guaranteed healthy prior to leaving my farm. I CANNOT guarantee kids once they leave my property.
 Sorry, I do not ship kids, farm pick up only.
 My herd is tested annually and is negative for CAE, CL and Johnees. I practice strict biosecurity, so I have a closed herd. I do not supply buck services to the public.

If you have any questions, please ask prior to reserving.              
                                                   BREEDING CHART FOR 2013 

SG Ain-Ash-Shams TB Pleoine 1*M x Alize the Way Forward *B               
due January 27, 2013 no reservations available

Calico Tree Neala x Alize the Way Forward *B
due May 16, 2013 reservations available 1D, 1B

Quarter Mile Blazin On x Acorn-Acres King Crimson
due January 31, 2013 no reservations available